Surprise Yourself By Taking Chances

How many times have you had a discussion like this? You're trying to convince someone to do something, and they say, "No, I don't like that ." You ask them how many times they actually did try it, and they finally confess they never did, but yet they still maintain they know they wouldn't like it. That is the way that a lot of us act when it comes to food, and especially healthy food.

The simple fact about eating healthy is that it involves expanding your perspective a little. Many of us will complain about trying a new food simply because we like what we are used to. 
The things that we have eaten for years were new to us once too, but the issue is now that we are set in our ways. If you dare to try something new occasionally, you can become better acquainted with variety, and adopt the newly discovered things that you really do like.

There is no point in forcing yourself in trying to develop a taste for something you already know you do not like. However, you’ll never really know if you like something until you actually try it. This is especially true of international cuisine. It may look unfamiliar, but millions of people eat it regularly, so it can hardly be distasteful. Taking a little leap of faith and trying a different food for a change is not going to be insufferable, so why not try something different once a week or so and surprise yourself with how much you might enjoy it?


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